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Looking for a fun night out in Vegas but don't want to spend a fortune on tickets? Can't decide between music, magic or even something a little bit different? You are in the right place!

Here you will find plenty of choices on our most popular shows with something for the whole family. If you want an exciting night out with the kids or just something for the adults, we offer discounts on these shows and more! Want to add a dinner to your experience? No problem! We have dinner and show packages as well. Forget the long lines and upgrade your tickets to VIP. This will give you access to our VIP line, front row seating as well as other special offers.
VEGAS! the Show
7PM and 9PM Nightly
$95.68 $46.99
V - The Ultimate Variety Show
7PM and 8:30PM Nightly
$84.68 $41.99
Zombie Burlesque
8:30PM Except Sunday
$71.98 $32.99
Beatleshow Orchestra
5:30PM Mondays and Thursdays
$73.00 $35.99
Stripper 101
Classes Daily!
$46.98 $22.99
Recycled Percussion
5:30PM Except Sunday
$59.99 $37.99
Comedy Pet Theater
4:00pm Tuesday - Saturday
$46.18 $17.49
Hitzville The Show
5:30PM Except Sunday
$62.68 $29.99
Las Vegas Live Comedy Club
9:00PM Nightly
$62.68 $24.99
Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis
10PM Except Friday
$51.68 $24.99
The Mentalist
7:30PM Except Wednesday
$62.68 $29.99
Nathan Burton Comedy Magic
4PM Except Monday
$60.98 $29.99
6:00PM Nightly
$66.98 $29.99
Aussie Hunks
10:30pm Except Sunday and Monday
$54.99 $27.50

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V Card: The Nightclub Pass
$149.99 $49.99