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2 for 1 Show Tickets is THE site with the best shows and ticket deals in Las Vegas! The top musical, magic, variety, and comedy shows on the Strip can all be found here!

We always put our customers' needs first and do our best to accommodate everyone. Whether it's a girls night out, a bachelor party, a date night, or a night out with the family, our selection of shows is so extensive, it's impossible not to find something that will fit your needs. Aside from our wide selection of shows and activities, we also offer VIP packages which allow you to add dinner to your show and get front of the line access at the theater to avoid waiting in long lines! The VIP option also gives purchasers the selection of sitting closer to the stage, as well as other bonus perks. Why wait? Check out our show selection listed below:
7PM and 9PM Nightly
$95.68 $46.99
V - The Ultimate Variety Show
7PM and 8:30PM Nightly
$84.68 $41.99
Zombie Burlesque
8:30PM except Sunday, some select additional shows at 10PM
$71.98 $32.99
Stripper 101
Classes Daily!
$46.98 $22.99
The Mentalist
7:30PM Except Wednesday
$62.68 $29.99
5:30pm Monday – Thursday & Saturday
$73.00 $35.99
Popovich Comedy Pet Theater
4:00PM Tuesday - Saturday
$46.18 $17.49
Hitzville The Show
5:30PM Except Sunday
$62.68 $29.99
Nathan Burton Magic Show
4PM Except Monday
$60.98 $29.99
Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis
10PM Except Friday
$40.00 $15.00
Las Vegas Live Comedy Club
9:00PM Nightly
$62.68 $24.99
6:00PM Nightly
$66.98 $29.99
Aussie Heat
10:30PM, Dark Mondays and Tuesdays
$54.99 $27.50

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V Card: The Vegas Nightclub Pass
$149.99 $49.99