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Las Vegas Magic and Illusions Shows

Las Vegas has one of the most unique magic line-ups in the world from incredible large-scale stage illusions to interactive magic shows. It depends on the tricks of the trade you want to see.

Take The Mentalist, Gerry McCambridge. He has the ability to get inside the minds of others by using the law of averages, power of persuasion and memory techniques – you won’t believe it until you see him LIVE!

Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis is an energetic mix of comedy, hypnosis and chaos. You can see the show or BE the show as Savard invites volunteers from the audience up on stage to be hypnotized. Wait until you see what he can make people do!

Nathan Burton Magic Show and V – The Ultimate Variety Show are perfect for families featuring high-energy, fast-paced acts and illusions that keep audiences, even kids, on the edge of their seats.

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V - The Ultimate Variety Show
7PM and 8:30PM Nightly
$84.68 $41.99
The Mentalist
7:30PM Except Wednesday
$62.68 $29.99
Nathan Burton Magic Show
4PM Except Monday
$60.98 $29.99
Marc Savard Comedy Hypnosis
10PM Except Friday
$40.00 $15.00